The company originates from the previous business that operated in the molding industry. The constant demand for innovation, leads to a substantial growth in Nuova Stamet Srl specializing in the field of medium-light carpentry, manufacturing products for various market-oriented electrical, HVAC, food processing, wood processing, packaging, rail, etc. .. etc. ..

Business Unit

The first year activities are concentrated within the central office in a shed of 550 square meters which offices and the initial stages of cutting, punching and bending. In January 2001 opened the new business unit with a shed of 350 square meters, located a hundred meters from the headquarters, dedicated to working in general and of the mechanical assembly of semi-finished and finished products in the welding department.
In January 2008 Nuovastamet expands the production area with an additional area of 550 square meters adjacent to the main site where departments were expanded laser cutting, welding and storage.
The new production facility allows it to obtain an inventory sheet and always delivered a large warehouse for the storage of semi-finished and finished products.


The Nuova Stamet pursue a strategy of constant technological growth. The steady decrease in the incidence of errors, delays in completing the contract and the improvement of quality of the pieces are the data demonstrating the efficiency of production of society. Our engineering department uses the most modern computer systems development and design of products such as Solid Parametric CAD that allows you to minimize any possibility of error in association with the professionalism and openness that has always identified for development of new projects.